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Hyper-custom shoe inserts engineered to make you faster, improve your comfort, and reduce your risk of injury. Trusted by elite athletes.

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4 Reasons Athletes Choose inStryde

Scientifically Designed for Peak Performance

Move faster, jump higher, and increase your power with patented technology designed to superpower your movement.

Injury Prevention You Can Trust

Verified with certified human performance and biomechanics labs to ensure you stay in the game.

Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Customized specifically for your feet, the different ways you move, your injury history, and your goals so you can stay a step ahead.

Empowering Athletes to Achieve Their Goals

Ditch the generic fitting gear and move like the pros with inStryde.

"inStryde is totally disrupting how foot orthotics are presented in the market."

"Do you want custom foot orthotics without having to go to the doctor? inStryde has you covered."

"inStryde is using 3D technology to morph an orthotic perfectly into the shoes or sneakers that you already own."

How it Works

Three Easy Steps

Choose Your Style

Select from options like performance enhancing or comfort, or bundle them together and save.

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Scan Your Feet At Home

All you need is your cell phone & 10 minutes. We'll also gather detailed information about your injury history & current pain points.

Your Orthotics Delivered

We'll design your custom inStryde foot orthotics & deliver them to your door within 10 business days.

Put Your Best Foot Forward With inStryde


Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

Increased Comfort

Increased Comfort

Faster Recovery

Faster Recovery

Reduced Injury Risk

Reduced Injury Risk

Extended Endurance

Extended Endurance

Confidence Building

Confidence Building

Examine your feet! Each millimeter of your custom foot orthotics will be customized to match your unique foot shape, address your existing discomfort, and accommodate your specific movement patterns. 

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The Three Ways We Commit To Your Athletic Journey

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Don't settle for a generic fit. Go custom and unlock your full athletic potential.