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inStryde's Role in Facilitating a 43% Reduction in Athlete Injuries

Objective: Reduction of Athlete Injuries

The principal objective of an athletic trainer is the maintenance and enhancement of athletes' physical well-being and performance levels, while concurrently adhering to the strict budgetary constraints delineated by their respective athletic departments. Among the challenges encountered in the role is the frequent occurrence of lower body injuries throughout the sports season. The most effective method to mitigate the impact of these injuries is proactive prevention. Foot orthotics are commonly employed not just as a therapeutic tool for existing injuries but more critically, as a preventative measure. However, despite their potential for injury risk reduction, the comfort, fit, and performance implications of foot orthotics have traditionally rendered them unpopular among athletes.


Solution: Personalized Foot Orthotics

In the recent fall season, we initiated a collaborative pilot project with several collegiate athletic departments to test our innovative, 3D printed athletic insole. inStryde insoles are highly-customized foot orthotics, precisely tuned to match each athlete's distinct movement patterns, footwear, current discomforts, injury history, and sporting requirements. These orthotics are uniquely designed to adapt to the specific needs of the athlete and their footwear, essentially offering a customized fit for any shoe.

Our remote fitting process enables same-day fitting sessions in your training room, necessitating nothing more than a smartphone or tablet, and an internet connection.


Outcome: Significant Reduction in Lower Body Injuries

Our collaboration with 30 athletes, each with a history of lower body injury, yielded a notable 43% reduction in injury incidence compared to their previous seasons. Moreover, a research endeavor conducted in conjunction with a local university's Human Performance & Biomechanics Lab demonstrated that the inStryde orthotics were the sole product to achieve a reduction in peak pressure on the foot's sole, a factor significantly associated with lower body injury risk. Preliminary tests have indicated that inStryde orthotics facilitate up to a 10% greater energy return with each step, compared to stock insoles or rival foot orthotic products.


Thus, inStryde offers athletes an optimal blend of performance enhancement and injury prevention, fulfilling the ultimate ambition of any sports performance solution.

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Fit makes a difference.

InStryde's customization technology creates a perfect fitting insole to improve movement, support, comfort, and safety.

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