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Trusted By The Best

"Being at the top of my game in professional basketball demands peak performance and staying injury-free. inStryde's hyper-customized insoles have been a game-changer for me in every sense of the word. These insoles have not only enhanced my comfort on the court, but also significantly reduced my risk of injury."

- Kyle Lowry, (6-time NBA All Star)

Problems With Other Custom Insoles

These challenges are what caused us to start InStryde.

Delivery Time

Custom insoles take up to 6 weeks to be manufactured and delivered. InStryde takes only 10 days.

Shoe Fit

A lot of custom insoles don't properly fit into cleats, boots, and other shoes you might need for your lifestyle.


It's easy for insoles to become gross. InStryde's insoles are anti-bacterial due to our SmartCore meta-material.


Most custom insoles cost $500-600. InStryde is priced at $279.

Why InStryde?

How does InStryde's SmartCore material make a difference in your custom insole?

Energy Returning

InStryde insoles return energy back to your body on every step.

Insanely Long Lasting

InStryde insoles are insanely durable and are guaranteed for 10,000 miles.

Medically Proven

InStryde Insoles have been shown to reduce injuries by up to 43% in athletes.

Machine Washable

Easily keep your insoles clean by throwing them in the washing machine and then letting them air dry.


Reducing injuries by 43%

Our collaboration with 30 athletes, each with a history of lower body injury, yielded a notable 43% reduction in injury incidence compared to their previous seasons.

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